What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Own Window Cleaning Service

There are many things you need to know before you start your own window cleaning service. There are startup costs, insurance, and equipment to think about. Read on to discover the basics of a successful business. And remember that you can’t please everyone. Check reviews, too, to see if people had positive experiences with the service. This way, you can gauge the company’s ability to handle any cleaning job.


The cost of hiring a window cleaning service depends on the type of window and the type of cleaning. A single-hung window can cost $8 to $12 per cleaning. Single-hung windows may tilt inwards or move up and down. Depending on the style and design, tilting options will cost between $14 and $16 per window. The cost may also increase if other parts of the structure need to be cleaned. Some window cleaning services offer a la carte pricing for single-hung windows.

French windows are large windows that can be difficult to clean. If you decide to clean these windows on your own, you will have to purchase the right tools. Starter kits for window cleaning start at about $75 and include towels and squeegees. Another option for cleaning windows is a robotic cleaner. These machines can cost between $150 and $450. Most window cleaning services offer a free quote, so check online reviews before hiring a company.


If you’re thinking about starting your own window cleaning service, there are a few things you need to do before you open your doors. The first thing you should do is research your competitors. While you’re at it, try to contact a few and ask for a list of their clients. It will be helpful to see what they offer and what they charge. Once you have a list of potential clients, you can create a promotional plan to market your business. You can visit https://www.livecleantoday.com/services/window-cleaning-services for more information.

Marketing your window cleaning service is essential. Advertising both online and offline can be very helpful. Your website should be optimized for local searches and include social media profiles, as well as a Google My Business profile. Having a social media presence makes your company visible to potential clients and helps build trust. Creating a website will also allow you to display customer testimonials and images. All of these will help you increase your customer base.


A successful window cleaning service requires a combination of tools. These tools range from supported scaffolding to suspended platforms. The former is a platform that rests on a lower surface and is manually raised or lowered, while the latter is attached to the worker’s body and is raised by a motor. Both types of platforms require the worker to be properly trained to use the tools properly. Listed below are several of the most common items used for window cleaning.

A 20-foot Werner extension ladder, a 3-foot step ladder, and other tools for window cleaning are essential for your business. If you’re planning to clean large windows, you’ll also need tools to create bids, send invoices, and collect payments. You should also invest in a field service management software package to keep track of your client information, schedules, invoices, and billing. This software is especially useful if you’re running a small business, and can help you manage your schedules and invoices more effectively.


If you run a window cleaning service, you’ll need to have the proper insurance coverage to protect your assets and your employees. The type of insurance you need depends on the extent of your business’ risks. Workers compensation insurance isn’t necessary if you’re only using one person to clean windows. However, you should consider purchasing inland marine coverage if you plan on transporting equipment. The amount of coverage you need depends on how much you expect to pay per accident.

General liability coverage is essential for window cleaning services, as it protects your business against losses that you incur due to lawsuits. This insurance should also cover the legal fees involved in defending yourself against lawsuits. Similarly, workers compensation coverage will cover the costs of treating an injured employee and paying for their lost wages. Those two types of insurance can help you to keep your business clean and in good standing with your clients. Listed below are some of the types of insurance you may want to have in place.

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