Which Bets Shouldn’t Be Bet: 5+ Player Bets Should Avoid

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Not everyone knows What types of bets should not be wagered?  to dodge, especially for beginner players. Therefore today’s post of 789bets.biz will synthesize some types of play with a high probability of losing bets that bettors should not participate in. Stay tuned to understand and pocket some more attractive bets to invest!

What types of bets should not be bet when betting on football?

Besides many fragrant bets, in fact, there are still styles of play that do not bring winning potential. Such as:

What types of bets should not be bet when betting on football?

Bet on the first goal

This is the first answer to the question What types of bets should not be wagered. If you are not a professional bettor and know how to correctly bet, you should avoid choosing the first or last goal bet. Because no one can predict exactly which player’s first goal will be scored and at what time.

The final goal bet

Besides the first goal bet, this is also the answer to the question What types of bets should not be wagered? . Because usually, the last goal will be scored unexpectedly when the players put all their efforts to improve the result. Therefore, who will score the last goal is even more difficult to predict. If you want to be safe, you should not bet this bet.

Handicap with high odds

If you have any questions,  What types of bets should not be wagered? , it is certainly the types of rafters that have too high a payout rate or constantly change in the direction of increasing. Because this may be a “conspiracy theory”, a trap that the house has set up to lure players. Bettors need to be wise and alert in these cases.

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Handicap for minor tournaments

In addition to major tournaments such as the World Cup, EURO, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga… soccer still has other small tournaments. Sometimes players don’t even know about these matches. Usually, such matches will have very little information about the participating team.

Therefore, it will become more difficult to learn about the performance, real strength or squad of the clubs. So if you want to know What types of bets should not be wagered? To stay away, you should limit or best not invest in the bets of small tournaments.

N What types of bets should not be wagered? 

First throw-in

Besides the throw-in, some bookies also offer the first throw-in. At that time, the bettor must predict which team will get the throw-in first. Usually, throw-in is a common situation on the field and predicting the number of throw-ins is a big challenge.

At that time, it is even more difficult to judge the team that will receive the first throw-in. So if you ask What types of bets should not be wagered?  After the above bets, that is the first throw-in.

Bets do not understand

If the player asks What types of bets should not be wagered? , that is definitely not understood. Because only when you really love a club or a certain match, it is easier and more detailed to deduce, analyze and draw. Since then, the assessment results are also correct and more accurate.

In contrast to the teams or matches you do not know and the bets do not know, you should not participate. Because playing according to the movement, playing according to the crowd, playing spontaneously according to emotions, … will make bettors both lose money and inhibit.

Top 3 types of bets that are safe and easy to win for bettors

Known What types of bets should not be wagered? , you should discover more about some potential football bets. Because in fact, there are still many “fragrant” bets that players can trust and choose. Typically as:

The Safe bet, easy to win

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap or Handicap is when one team is stronger and handicaps the other with a certain score. This handicap is provided by the bookie to create a balance between the two participating teams if both have a difference in real strength and level. According to evaluation, Asian rafters bring a high probability of winning that you can enter money.

European Handicap

European Handicap (1×2) is a type of bet where players will predict 1 of 3 outcomes including home team winning, away team winning or 2 teams drawing. After determining What types of bets should not be wagered?  European bet is a great choice for bettors.

Over & Under

Over Under is a type of bet that only cares about the total number of goals scored by both teams during the match. With this type of bet, the bookie will give a specific rate and the job of the bettor is to predict the number of goals for that match. Specifically, guess if it will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than the number originally given.

Thus, the house 789bet Have synthesized What types of bets should not be wagered?  for brothers. At the same time, as well as suggesting some potential play styles that bettors should experience. Through that, hopefully players can identify the “fragrant” rafters and stay away from the “fragrant” ones to invest effectively and wisely.