Who is the Most Loved Bone Thugs N Harmony Band Member?

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In 2022 we had the happy news that the legendary Bone Thugs N Harmony is performing again in their original and full lineup. They were popular in the 90s, and then due to various circumstances and fates, the members performed as individuals or in various combinations. Some of them recorded great collaborations with famous music stars, but it was uncertain if they would ever return to the lineup we know and adore.

In 2022, the band performed in several cities across the United States, and now you can once again find a great Bone Thugs concert and enjoy it if you missed some of the earlier performances.

However, the long years of inactivity did not mean the band broke up. On the contrary, after a lot of dramas and developments, conflicts, and even jail sentences of some of the members, Bone Thugs N Harmony is here for their favorite fans. That is why in 2023, you will also see them at several independent concerts, but also as part of several festivals.

And all that opens the question of who is actually the most beloved member of all Bones and why the audience adores them all together, but also each one individually.

1. Krayzie Bone

Krayzie is one of the band’s most consistent members, who has constantly been active on the scene from 1991 until today. As a member of Bone Thugs N Harmony, he actually has very successful solo projects as well. If you remember better, he sang “Ridin” with Chamillionaire and “I Still Believe” with Mariah Carey. Together with Wish Bone and Mariah Carey, they also recorded the song “Breakdown,” which also brought great success to the careers of famous artists.

Among other things, he is the founder of Mo Thugs Family, which is an association of rap and hip-hop artists from Cleveland. In addition to being a rapper, Krayzie is also a talented businessman, which is all the more reason why he is one of the most respected members of the band. At the same time, he attracts a lot of attention by identifying himself as Jehovah’s Witness and does not respect him or celebrate Christmas. However, he is the most consistent in his work, which is why he is the most successful of all the members.

2. Layzie Bone

Layzie is another one of the original band members who will definitely be a part of the Bone Thugs N Harmony tour 2023. He is the full brother of Flesh-N-Bone, who might be the least favorite of all the members.

He has also released solo songs and albums, and at different times he has performed with certain members of the band under other names. Layzie says that apart from being a rapper, he is also an entrepreneur, actor, and poet. He is often active on social media, and you can learn a lot about his activities if you follow him regularly.

3. Wish Bone

Wish Bone is one of those that you can rarely find detailed information about online, but we tried to do it the best we could. Namely, he is in the middle because a lot of fans adore him, but they don’t like him that much. Some think that he is getting carried away by the success of his bandmates, while others are amazed by the effort he puts in to be as good as everyone else.

It’s good for him that he has a style that he sticks to even after several decades of activity on the music scene.

4. Flesh-n-Bone

Flesh is quite problematic but also popular. Part of the audience adores his rebelliousness, while others are unsure if they can forgive him for the problems with the law he constantly had in the late 90s.

Many fans feel that it does not come naturally to him to be a member of this band and that, in the past, he tried too hard to sound like his relatives, thus losing his authenticity. However, we have to say that he is coping with all the difficulties now and is as committed to the tour as he would have been in the early 90s when the band was at the height of its popularity.

5. Bizzy Bone

Bizzy Bone is the youngest member of the band, the last to join Bone Thugs N Harmony. He had a tough childhood, which greatly influenced his development as a healthy person. A family member abused him as a child, which explains a lot of why he was very troubled in his youth.

Nowadays, he tries hard to run a YouTube channel with his family, which might be one of his best projects nowadays.

What To Expect From Bone Thugs N Harmony Concerts In 2023?

Throughout the past, Bone Thugs N Harmony has performed with many famous musical names. Even their beginnings are linked to Eazy-E, who is actually the so-called father of the band. The biggest hit, “Crossroads,” is dedicated to him. They have made lasting friendships with many stars, including Mariah Carey, Chamillionaire, Willy Ray, and many others, through numerous collaborations.

If you remember 2021, then you will also remember every TLC Bone Thugs concert that was legendary in the music scene, especially since TLC, after a long time, performed under the famous name of the group that is missing Lisa Lopez.

So, we can expect very important guests at their concerts and hope for real surprises and the promotion of new material.

However, it is up to you to hurry up and find the best deal to buy Bone Thugs N Harmony tickets. Many ticket services already offer cheap tickets, so everyone can secure themselves for the concert nearby.

Bone Thugs N Harmony is a legendary band, and now you can see them again in their original lineup for the first time in a long time and always be amazed by their harmony on stage. And we are sure that they also try to give it all to their most loyal audience, which has always been with them since the 90s, through all the re-networking and the outcome that is happening now, in 2023.