Who Makes the Best Professional Hair Shears?

When you go to purchase a pair of shears for your salon, you need to think about how comfortable and ergonomic the handles are. This is because adult clients will be sitting still during your haircut and are not likely to move around while you are working. The best shears are made with Japanese steel, which makes them extremely sharp. The price range is typically under $50, so they are an affordable choice.

To cut accuracy

The brand Kamisori makes professional shears that are well-made and are highly-regarded for precision cutting. Their sleek design and heavy-duty steel make them a popular choice among platform hairstylists. The price tag of these shears is also competitive with other brands. A few brands are more affordable, such as Joewell. However, quality professional shears are worth the price.

For customized tension

The renowned Tweezerman brand of shears is a good option. Its blades are made from high-grade steel and have an adjustable screw for customized tension. The patented Tweezerman shears can be used on all types of hair, and are very easy to handle. In addition, they have been rated highly by many users, allowing them to last for twenty to thirty years.

Constantly updating their products

The Kamisori brand is popular in the industry, and its shears are well-made and backed by superior customer service. The company has several new lines of shears each year and is constantly updating their products. The new line of shears has a push-edge and a lightweight design, which makes it easy to cut hair quickly. The unique design of the Kamisori shears allows for a tight grip while working.


If you’re looking for the most durable and best-quality shears, you should choose the Washi brand. This Japanese brand has been in business since 1917 and is renowned for its high-quality shears. The Kamisori brand uses the AT-314 steel to produce its shears. Aside from being made of high-grade steel, the Utopia Care shears are known for their comfortable grips and razor-sharp blades.

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