Why Comparing Car Insurance is Crucial Before Buying?

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Owning your dream wheel takes a lot of persistence, hard work and total dedication. One who has spent days and nights getting the key to the car they have been dreaming of since childhood understands its value. However, it doesn’t matter which car you buy, protecting it should always be your priority. Car insurance online or offline, guarantees your vehicle’s safety and security.

Now, the cost of car insurance varies for every driver depending on, firstly, the state they live in, secondly, their choice of an insurance company and lastly, the type of coverage they have. To compare these mandatory factors, it is vital to research online first, which is easy nowadays, and everyone has an internet-enabled smartphone in the current era.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance online or offline, is an agreement between an insurance company and a car owner wherein the car owner will pay premiums, and the company covers damage or loss caused to the vehicle. As per the Government Of India, car insurance is mandatory in India regardless of whether it is a personal or commercial vehicle. It fulfils the vehicle owner’s legal liability arising due to bodily injury, loss or damage caused to any third party or property.

Should you go for car insurance online or offline?

Even though the end product here, i.e. car insurance, will be the same, buying car insurance online is much more cost-effective and accessible. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you are good to go.

Recently when I purchased my new car, one of my colleagues told me about the Bajaj Finserv mobile application. When I explored this application, I was stunned to see how this works as an all-in-one platform. Due to this app, I deleted all my other applications which I used for UPI payments and now use this only for all kinds of payments. Only in a few minutes, I was able to avail a car insurance on this app and trust me, it saves a lot of your energy, money, time and fuel as you don’t have to go anywhere. It is highly recommended.

Why comparing car insurance is crucial before buying?

A lot of time is invested while selecting the perfect car that meets your requirements. Now that you’ve finally decided and purchased your dream car after thorough ground research, it is also important to invest a good amount of time in insurance.

Car insurance online is one of the best ways to go for insurance as it offers a lot of feasibility. As I mentioned that with just a few taps, you can avail it. But comparing car insurance is also crucial as you would want to compare and understand the features, pricing and suitability.

When searching for car insurance online, it is vital to have an understanding of the currently available options in the market. In addition, you should know what different types of plans are available and what kind of insurance coverage you’ll need.

Now, don’t just go for a cheap insurance plan that might save you some bucks but won’t offer the features you require. It is essential to make a proper comparison and then opt for a plan that suits you the best.