Why Should People in All Countries Have Equal Access to Technological Developments?

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Nowadays, the world depends on technologies, but they are not distributed equally around the world. Some of these technologies, such as e-education, are extremely helpful, reducing the damage caused by natural disasters and warning people of impending danger. If we want to prevent such things from happening, we should make sure that people in all countries have equal access to them. Here are some reasons why we should allow everyone in every country to benefit from technological advances.

To determine the price

For example, the benefits of technology are widely distributed. A study in Kerala documented how fishermen in rural India were able to arbitrage prices and increase their profits by as much as 8%. The same research shows that M-Pesa provided a big boost to the incomes of poor women. The program aims to close this digital divide. It should also help to eliminate poverty in underdeveloped countries.

Same goes for technology

Even though technology helps poor people, it should be used to create more better jobs for those who can afford it. The same applies for technology in education. More people with more knowledge and skills will have better opportunities to find more lucrative jobs in higher-paying industries. As Tyler Cowen has stated, “Technology is like cell phones replacing automobile factories.” Mobile telephony, banking, social media, and other modern tools of communication are producer services.

Technology is an automobile

While technology can help the poor, it must also help them in their roles as producers. In other words, technology must help them in their roles as producers. As Tyler Cowen has noted, technology is like a cell phone instead of an automobile factory. This is because these new technologies serve as inputs to production and produce products and services. This means that the rich and poor will benefit from these developments.

Digital in developing countries

The digital divide between developed and developing countries affects the economy and society. While the same technology is used by wealthy people, less educated people have fewer opportunities to develop a successful business. This makes the digital divide between developed and developing countries more pronounced. The digital divide is a huge barrier to accessing new technologies, and it undermines the principles of gender equality. If we can’t afford to afford the technology, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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The digital divide is an issue that affects many countries. It is an issue of equality. While a wealthy country can afford to purchase and use high-tech equipment, a poor country can’t afford these devices. The digital divide has implications for both the developed and developing world. Developing countries can’t compete with developed countries in terms of technology and other areas. So, it’s essential to make technology available to all.

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