Wind Turbine Power Generation Process

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1) The wind turbine will rotate the coil to cut the magnetic field and generate electricity.

2) The current is adjusted to a higher voltage.

3) Frequent delivery to the power station to be sent to the next high-voltage power transmission line

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For Thailand, the day when oil runs out from the world arrives. We would have to turn our seashores into wind farms to convert wind energy into electricity and From the research, it has been found that the coastal areas of Thailand have sufficient potential for wind farms to generate electricity.

Remark : Efficiency in converting wind energy to electricity about 20%

The ideal area for installing a wind turbine

1) It should be located in an area with consistent wind. and wind speed suitable for each wind turbine

2) should be installed in the open air. There is no obstruction to the wind direction. so that the wind turbine receives the most wind

3) should check the installation location area such as soil condition, soil moisture (water content in the soil) because these affect wind turbine pier design The design of the piers must be based on the foundation and the pylons to support the wind turbine with strength and safety.

4) Safety should be taken into account if there is a strong wind or storm. The direction of the installation location should be away from the community.

Advantages of wind energy

1) There is no cost for raw materials. But the cost of installing wind turbines to convert wind energy into electricity is still high.

2) Switching from wind energy to electricity does not cause greenhouse gas (CO2) problems.

3) It is a clean energy source. takes up little space

4) There is only an initial investment. The cost of electricity generated by wind power will only decrease.

limitations of wind power

1) Wind in Thailand has a relatively low speed

2) The suitable space is limited.

3) Uncertainty of wind power

4) Lack of expert personnel

Although wind power is growing rapidly, there is no guarantee that wind energy will have a bright future. Although wind power is already being produced in 50 countries, the advancement of wind power to date Up from the efforts of a few countries, with the leaders being Germany, Spain and Denmark only.

Japan has begun power generation from wind turbines in the deep sea.

Japan begins operation of its first deep-sea wind turbine It is part of a wind farm project located about 20 km offshore from Fukushima to generate electricity to replace electricity generated at the Fukushima nuclear power plant on the radioactive stricken shore. Tongxi leak Due to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, megawatt wind turbines stand 800 feet offshore. Fukushima Prefecture is about 20 kilometers in the deep sea, unlike conventional wind turbines that must be installed in shallow water. The first solid wind turbine is part of a plan to build a total of 143 wind farms, the largest in Japan.

In addition, the wind farm project is Japan’s hope for using technology to produce clean energy from renewable energy such as wind power instead of coal. or oil like in the past

Wind Turbine with the highest efficiency

Wind turbine with the highest performance today. There would be no one more than The Maglev wind Turbine wind turbine like this. It is a wind turbine that uses electromagnetic technology. The same as the Maglev electric train used in the design of wind turbines. The wind turbine blades will float above the base. with magnetic power from permanent magnets This allows the propeller to rotate without losing energy to friction at all.

Wind turbines affect the environment

Although the generation of electricity by wind turbines won’t cause any pollution, wind turbines create environmental impacts in various ways as follows.

1) Area impact Wind turbines must be placed 5 to 10 times the height of the turbine. for the wind will reduce turbulence After passing another wind turbine

2) Sound effects The noise generated by the rotation of the wind turbine is caused by 2 causes: the sound caused by the turbulence of the wind around the wind turbine blades when the wind turbine blades cut through the air. and the noise generated by the machinery inside the wind turbine especially the gear part Wind turbine noise is one of the most important parameters in wind turbine efficiency. The noise produced by this wind turbine is more pronounced at night. Since other environmental noises are less, noise from wind turbines is more pronounced. And disturbing the community at the end of the wind that needs a quiet place to rest during the night. The effects of this nature are mild. But it is cumulative in case it recurs every day. People may reject the project after a certain period of time.

3) Scenery impact Because human beings have many ideas and have different views. Hence the existence of wind turbines. Some people may feel that wind turbines are a surplus. And not suitable for that area, the project developer should design the wind turbine to be in harmony with nature as much as possible. and installed far from the community or other important places as much as possible

Problems, Obstacles and Solutions

1) The airflow has a low velocity. because there is an obstruction to slow down the wind speed

2) Wind power is unstable. causing the amount of electricity to be uneven

3) Lack of support for investment and development of domestic technology potential resulting in high cost and expensive

Potential and Development of Wind Energy in Thailand

Wind energy is the energy produced by the difference in temperature of the air. Nowadays, wind energy has been brought to use more. Because wind energy is an energy that can be obtained without buying it. Thailand has started to support the use of wind energy. not long ago After the energy crisis, the price of oil continued to be very high. Thailand has limited potential to use wind energy for electricity generation due to the high wind speed. 

The speed is low and the amount of wind is uneven throughout the year. Therefore, electricity generation by wind turbines is not much. And wind turbines used to generate electricity are expensive. This is one of the obstacles to the development of wind power generation in Thailand.

The largest wind turbine in the world

The largest wind turbine in the world with an electrical capacity of 8 megawatts and a blade diameter of 164 meters is located in Denmark. Many large energy-intensive countries Pay attention to installing wind turbines to generate more electricity.